Dynamics AX 2012 Services

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009/AX 2012 Customization

We provide services at all the stages of product implamantation after functional analisys and can extend Partner team on implementation of projects:

  • Technical design - technical description of futer project realisation; 
  • Development X++ - programming in DAX based on technical design;  
  • Development Role center pages - programming of roles in Role center pages;
  • Development SSRS reportsSQL Server Reporting Services provides a full range of ready-to-use tools and services to help you create, deploy, and manage reports for your organization, as well as programming features that enable you to extend and customize your reporting functionality.
  • Functional testing - after every modification made in the system new or modified functionality needs to be tested for correct and appropriate work.
  • Documentation and training - all the modifications made in the system thay need to be properly documataited, and sometimes there are needed trainings for clients;  
  • Data migration - when there is change or upgrade of system there are allways appropriate data transfer is needed; 
  • Go-live support - when new system starts developers support is required.


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009/AX 2012 Upgrade

We can upgrade your solutions from former Axapta 2.5/3.0 and Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0/AX 2009 to the latest versions of Dynamics AX 2012.

  • Solution assessment
  • Code upgrade (technical and functional)
  • Data upgrade
  • Test results with Customer
  • Go-live rollout and support


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009/AX 2012 Integration

We build integration solutions between Microsoft Dynamics AX and other products using Axapta Integration Framework (AIF), .NET Business Connector or custom approach depending on requirements for performance and complexity of integration (Web services, different file formats, FTP downloads etc.).



Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009/AX 2012 Installation and Setup

We provide services to build Dynamics AX 2012 environments and infrastructure:

  • Installation and setup of Dynamics AX 2012
  • Installation and setup of SQL Server
  • Installation and setup of SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)
  • Deployment of Enterprise portal
  • Configure default and develop custom Workflows
  • Configure default and develop custom Role centers
  • Configure default and develop custom OLAP Cubes


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009/AX 2012 Assesment and Performance tuning

We provide Assesment and Performance tuning of already working AX systems. Goal of Assesment is to identify pain points of performance on hardware and software levels and give recommendations how to speed up AX environments. Perfomance tuning is next step for deep analisys and changes of system slownes from different stand points - SQL (Indexes, Statistics update etc), X++ Code (Identify and improve code performance). 


Microsoft Dynamics AX Development Training

We provide online and/or on-site trainings for Microsoft Dynamics AX users and partners on:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX development
  • Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


Preparing products for Microsoft Certification

If you plan to certify your Microsoft Dynamics AX based product, we can help you with:

  • Assessing product and investigating its gaps
  • Checking the solution to ensure that it meets Microsoft's high quality standards
  • Fixing Best Practice errors
  • Writing documentation required for certification